Your Scrap Metal Solution Partner


Capability Statement:

House of Procurement (HOP) is a prominent scrap metal dealer in Kenya with a proven track record of excellence. We hold licenses to purchase scrap metal locally, import over 50,000 tons monthly, and export select metals to international markets, including Turkey. Our expertise extends across industries, and we are committed to providing seamless scrap metal disposal solutions.

We take pride in being a major metal scrap dealer, bridging the gap between suppliers and the steel industry in the region. With a vast local network, we procure between 15,000-25,000 tons of top-quality scrap monthly, while our extensive global reach enables us to import over 1 million tonnes annually. As a trusted partner to the steel industry, we ensure a seamless supply chain with various sales models, offering convenience and working capital support.

Our commitment to quality is unwavering. To guarantee the best standards, we employ skilled metal analysts who rigorously vet and warrant the high quality and high yield of our scrap offerings. As a result, businesses in the steel sector can rely on House of Procurement for a consistent and reliable supply of premium metal scrap, boosting production efficiency and ensuring sustainable growth.

“Unlock Extra Revenue with HOP”

 “Turn Scrap into Cash! Partner with HOP for Scrap Metal Disposal and Earn Extra Revenue.”

“Your Scrap, Our Solution: Get Paid for Your Scrap Metal Today.”

Our Offering to sellers

HOP offers end-to-end solutions for scrap metal disposal, from collection to recycling.

We ensure timely and hassle-free scrap metal pickups and deliveries.

HOP is dedicated to sustainable practices, minimizing the environmental impact.

Partnering with HOP allows companies to sell their scrap metal, generating extra revenue and cash injection.

“Effortless Scrap Disposal”

“Streamline Scrap Management with HOP: Collection, Recycling, and Disposal – All in One Place.”

“Focus on Your Business; We’ll Handle Your Scrap.”

Our Offering to buyers

Competitive Pricing: Provide competitive and transparent pricing for various types of scrap metals.

-Offer fair market rates that reflect the current market conditions.

-Ensure timely payments for scrap metal deliveries.

Convenient Scrap Collection: Offer hassle-free scrap collection services, including pickup from the buyer’s location.

-Provide efficient scheduling to accommodate the buyer’s preferences and needs.

-Handle logistics and transportation to streamline the process.

Comprehensive Recycling Solutions: Have state-of-the-art recycling facilities to process and recycle scrap metal efficiently.

-Promote eco-friendly practices, emphasizing sustainability and responsible recycling.

Regulatory Compliance: Ensure compliance with all local and international regulations related to scrap metal trading.

-Assist buyers in meeting legal requirements for scrap metal transactions.

Expertise and Consultation: Offer expert advice on the classification and valuation of various scrap metals.

-Provide consultation on optimizing scrap metal collection and sorting processes.

Flexible Contracts: Tailor contracts to meet the specific needs of buyers, including volume, frequency, and terms.

-Provide long-term partnerships with flexibility for changing requirements.

Customer Support: Maintain a dedicated customer support team to address any queries or concerns promptly.

– Offer assistance in documentation and paperwork related to scrap metal transactions.

Technology Integration: Implement technology solutions for seamless transactions and reporting.

-Provide online platforms for buyers to track their scrap metal transactions and payments.

Environmental Responsibility: Highlight HOP’s commitment to environmentally responsible scrap metal recycling.

-Showcase efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of the recycling process.

Market Leadership: Leverage HOP’s position as a leading scrap metal dealer in Kenya with a strong reputation for reliability and integrity.

-Offer the confidence that comes from working with an established industry leader.