House of Procurement’s Diaspora Supplier Program : Enhancing trade between Africa and the world through diaspora entrepreneurship

Diaspora Supplier Program

The Diaspora Supplier Program, powered by House of Procurement (HOP), is an initiative designed to boost international trade and entrepreneurship, by connecting African diaspora entrepreneurs with the local African market. The model integrates HOP's extensive expertise in global logistics and deep-rooted local buyer relationships with the unique insights, networks, and entrepreneurial prowess of the African diaspora, effectively converting them into reliable suppliers of quality goods. By doing so, we are bridging the gap between global commodities and products and the evolving demands of local consumers. Our collective aim is to stimulate international trade, foster entrepreneurship, and boost economic growth, all while delivering shared prosperity.

How it works

Our strategy hinges on a dual-faceted approach to product and buyer identification. HOP leverages its in-depth market research, robust buyer relationships, and diaspora entrepreneurs' intimate understanding of both global and local consumer trends. This collaboration ensures a diverse, contemporary, and appealing product catalog that caters to the evolving tastes and needs of the African market, effectively bridging the global supply and local demand.

Engaging Diaspora Entrepreneurs: Once the product needs are identified, we engage African diaspora entrepreneurs globally. They are given the flexibility to either source these goods from their resident markets based on our product catalogue or leverage their personal networks to identify potential buyers within Africa.

Managing Logistics: HOP takes charge of all ensuing logistics, from the receipt of the goods at our designated global warehouses to their final delivery to consumers in Africa.

Financial Security: To safeguard our diaspora entrepreneurs financially, we’ve devised a progressive payment model guaranteeing 100% payment. 

Product Range:

The Diaspora Supplier Program opens up a diverse range of products with high demand among households, SMEs, and individual buyers in Africa. Our extensive catalogue includes a plethora of potential product ideas, carefully curated to meet the evolving preferences and needs of the African market. Africans in the diaspora can explore various categories, including:

  • Electronics and Gadgets
  • Fashion and Apparel
  • Beauty and Personal Care Products
  • Home Appliances, Health and Wellness Products
  • Eco-friendly and Sustainable Products
  •  Agricultural Equipment,
  • Solar Energy Products,
  • Baby and Childcare Products,

With a comprehensive product range that caters to various needs and interests, diaspora entrepreneurs can tap into lucrative opportunities and create a positive impact on the African economy. The program’s focus on aligning product offerings with local market preferences ensures that the diaspora community plays a vital role in satisfying the evolving demands of the African market.

Join HOP DSP - Empower Your Business, Impact Africa

For Africans in the Diaspora seeking a transformative business opportunity with a meaningful impact on Africa's economy, the House of Procurement Diaspora Supplier Program (HOP DSP) is your gateway to success. Joining HOP DSP unlocks a world of compelling reasons to supply products into Africa and become an integral part of its thriving business landscape. Here's why you should be part of HOP DSP:

Africa's consumer market is flourishing, offering boundless potential for business growth. As a participant in HOP DSP, you gain direct access to this dynamic market, positioning your products for unparalleled success.

At HOP DSP, we are committed to empowering local entrepreneurs. By collaborating with us, you actively contribute to Africa's economic development, fueling a sense of pride and purpose in supporting your home country.

Being part of the African Diaspora gives you a unique advantage - an intimate understanding of local preferences and needs. Harness this insight to curate and supply products that resonate deeply with African consumers.

Exporting and importing goods can be complex, but with HOP DSP's logistical expertise, it becomes seamless. Our support ensures efficient supply chains, allowing you to focus on delivering excellence.

At HOP DSP, we prioritize quality above all. Rest assured that the products you supply meet the highest standards, building trust and loyalty among your customers.

Collaboration with HOP DSP offers access to valuable branding and marketing support. Amplify your product's presence in the local market and propel your growth journey to new heights.

Your international connections and exposure to global trends are invaluable assets. Leverage these to introduce innovative products into the African market, setting yourself apart from the competition.

Your participation in HOP DSP has the potential to create jobs and positively impact communities in Africa. Supplying products directly contributes to the country's employment and welfare.

HOP DSP is more than just a program; it's an opportunity to become an entrepreneur. Start your own business and be part of Africa's vibrant business landscape, shaping its future with your vision.

Supplying products to your home country brings a profound sense of pride and fulfillment. Your efforts contribute to Africa's growth and development, creating a legacy of positive change.

Moreover, by joining HOP DSP, you not only realize your entrepreneurial dreams but also contribute to the social and economic growth of Africa. As part of HOP’s commitment to sustainability, 0.5% of our revenue goes towards our green procurement fund to support impactful green and social projects, making a positive impact beyond business.

Before embarking on this remarkable journey, conduct thorough research and seek professional advice. Aligning your business goals with HOP DSP ensures that you seize the full potential of this opportunity, benefiting both your ventures and Africa’s prosperity.

For Africans in the Diaspora, the HOP DSP is a transformative opportunity to drive entrepreneurship, empower local businesses, and create a lasting impact on Africa’s economy. Join us in this exciting journey of growth, innovation, and shared prosperity. Together, we can make a difference, enrich lives, and build a thriving future for Africa.

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