Elevating Your Financial Strength

Post-Performance Financing

At House of Procurement (HOP), we understand that success doesn't end with contract execution. To empower your financial journey, we offer robust Post Performance Financing solutions through our subsidiary, Meridian Acceptances Limited (MAL). These solutions are designed to unlock your organization's financial flexibility, streamline operations, and enhance liquidity.

Receivables Financing: Transforming Invoices into Working Capital

Our Receivables Financing program is tailor-made for suppliers, allowing them to convert outstanding invoices into immediate cash flow. This solution provides numerous benefits

Our Offerings

Improved Cash Flow: By converting invoices into cash, suppliers can meet their immediate financial needs, reducing the wait for payment.

Working Capital Optimization: Access to cash allows suppliers to fund ongoing projects, procure additional resources, and seize new business opportunities.

Risk Mitigation: The certainty of payment reduces financial uncertainty and risk, enabling suppliers to focus on their core business activities.

Payables Financing: Enhancing Flexibility for Buyers and Suppliers

Our Payables Financing solutions are designed to benefit both buyers and suppliers by optimizing payment terms and ensuring prompt supplier payments. Key advantages include:

Extended Payment Terms: Buyers can extend their payment terms, preserving cash flow and optimizing working capital.

Supplier Confidence: Suppliers receive prompt payments, improving their cash flow and strengthening their financial position.

Streamlined Operations: Simplified payment processes enhance efficiency for both buyers and suppliers.

Credit history and financial stability of the participating organization.

    • Previous contract performance and payment history.
    • Compliance with contractual agreements and legal obligations.
    • The specific financial terms and conditions of the financing arrangement.
    • Any collateral or security provided to mitigate risk.

      Credit Risk Approval Criteria:

      Our credit risk approval process evaluates various factors, including but not limited to:

Our Post Performance Financing solutions are your key to optimizing financial strength and achieving excellence in contract execution.

With HOP and MAL as your partners, you can confidently navigate the dynamic business landscape, secure in the knowledge that your financial needs are met, and your financial future is secured.