Seamless Procurement and Supplier Management!


We understand the challenges faced by large buyers in managing multiple suppliers,especially those with lower annual turnovers. Our Aggregation Service, designed to streamline your procurement process, enhance supplier management, and optimize your supply chain operations. We facilitate seamless transactions by purchasing goods on behalf of the buyers from suppliers with invoices below USD$100,000-500,000 annually. Suppliers benefit from prompt payments, receiving their dues within 30 days, enhancing their cash flow and financial stability. Additionally,suppliers gain the flexibility to discount their invoices, opting for early payment,thereby expediting their cash flow even further. This empowers suppliers to manage their financial obligations efficiently and seize growth opportunities without being hindered by prolonged payment terms.

For corporate buyers/sellers, our service provides the convenience of extending payment terms to 60-90 days, allowing for better working capital management. This enables buyers to focus on their core operations while having the confidence that their sourcing requirements are managed effectively and efficiently by House of Procurement.By bridging the gap between buyers and suppliers, the aggregation service creates a win-win scenario, fostering mutually beneficial partnerships, promoting financial inclusion, and supporting the growth of businesses across sectors.

How it Works:

Our Aggregation Service acts as a central hub, enabling you to outsource the sourcing and procurement of goods from suppliers with annual turnovers below USD 100,000-500,000. We take care of the entire process, making it hassle-free for you to focus on your core business activities.

Benefits for Buyers:

Benefits to Suppliers

The Process

How to Get Started:

Provide us with the list of suppliers you wish to enrol in the Aggregation Service. We review each supplier's credentials and financial status to ensure their reliability and suitability for the program. Once enrolled, we handle the entire procurement process, from purchase order to payment, ensuring timely and accurate transactions. Sit back and enjoy the benefits of a streamlined procurement process and optimized supplier management.



Provide us with a list of suppliers you wish to enrol in the Aggregation Service. These could be vendors with annual turnovers below USD 100,000-500,000.



We then conduct a thorough review of each supplier's credentials, financial status, and product offerings to ensure they meet our quality and reliability standards.



Once enrolled, we take the reins of the procurement process. Our team of experts leverages our vast network of suppliers to source the products or services you require.



Once the sourcing and negotiation process is complete, we issue purchase orders to the suppliers on your behalf. Simultaneously, we coordinate the payment process, ensuring suppliers receive their dues promptly.



We offer suppliers the option to discount their invoices for early payment, boosting their cash flow while maintaining a steady income for their services.



For your convenience, we consolidate the products from various suppliers in our dedicated yard or storage facility.



Throughout the process, we maintain strong communication with suppliers, fostering transparent relationships and promoting mutual growth, allowing you to focus on your core business operations.



Benefit from access to a diverse range of products and services through our extensive supplier network.