Elevate Your Supply Chain's Financial Potential.


As a SUPPLIER/BUYER partnering with House of Procurement, you access a range of Supply Chain Financing Solutions. These solutions are designed to address working capital needs, improve cash flow, and enhance financial stability.

Early Payment Options: We offer early payment options to suppliers, allowing payment sooner than the agreed-upon payment terms. This accelerates cash flow and provides timely access to funds, helping suppliers meet financial obligations and invest in business growth.

Invoice Financing: We provide invoice financing solutions where you can sell your outstanding invoices to HOP KAPITAL, receiving a portion of the invoice value upfront.

Supplier Credit Programs: House of Procurement has established supplier credit programs that provide you with favorable credit terms for your transactions with us. This allows you to extend your payment terms while ensuring timely and predictable cash flow.

Inventory Financing: If you have significant inventory holdings, House of Procurement’s inventory financing solutions unlocks the value of your inventory by providing a line of credit or cash, based on the inventory’s worth.

This  gives you access to funds tied up in inventory.

Extended Payment Terms: House of Procurement subject to risk negotiates extended payment terms allowing buyers to better manage their cash flow by deferring payment obligations while maintaining a strong supplier relationship.

Supply Chain Risk Mitigation: House of Procurement’s Supply Chain Financing Solutions help mitigate the risk of payment delays or defaults from buyers.

We ensure timely payment to you as a supplier, reducing financial risks and enhancing your financial stability.

Supplier Development Programs: As part of our financing solutions, we offer supplier development programs to enhance your operations, processes, financial management practices and strengthen your business.

These programs include training, financial advisory services, and access to resources that help you improve financial stability and competitiveness.

Sale and Buyback- Businesses sell to HOP their existing inventory and assets for cash injection. This helps optimize working capital, improve cash flow, and unlock liquidity tied up in inventory and assets.