What services does HOP provide?
HOP offers a wide range of services, including physical supply chain management, financial supply chain management, supply chain financing, aggregation services, group purchasing organization (GPO) solutions, and more.
What sectors does HOP operate in?
HOP operates across various sectors, including agriculture, micro-lending, automotive, media and entertainment, energy and communication, commodities, tours and travel, healthcare, e-commerce, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and commodities (ETC), transport, hospitality, public sector, contract manufacturing, water and renewables, digital business, and more.
How does HOP manage the physical flow of materials and products through the supply chain?
HOP oversees the entire process, from sourcing raw materials to delivering finished goods. Our services include procurement, production planning, inventory management, transportation, warehousing, and distribution to ensure seamless supply chain operations.
How can HOP help with procurement and supply chain operations?
HOP assists in managing the physical flow of materials, products, and resources through the supply chain, as well as facilitating and managing financial transactions, payment terms, working capital, and cash flow to improve efficiency and reduce risks.
Can HOP handle global procurement and international logistics?
Yes, HOP specializes in global procurement and offers international logistics and customs clearance services to facilitate smooth cross-border transactions.
How does HOP's supply chain financing work?
HOP offers various supply chain financing solutions, including early payment options, invoice financing, supplier credit programs, inventory financing, extended payment terms and more. These solutions ensure timely payments and improved cash flow for both buyers and suppliers.
How does an early payment option work for suppliers?
HOP offers early payment options to suppliers, allowing them to receive payments sooner than the agreed-upon terms. This accelerates cash flow and provides timely access to funds for business growth.
Can suppliers sell their outstanding invoices to HOP?
Yes, HOP provides invoice financing solutions where suppliers can sell their outstanding invoices to receive a portion of the invoice value upfront.
What is the Aggregation Service offered by HOP?
HOP's Aggregation Service is meant to streamline procurement processes for large buyers; by purchasing goods on behalf of buyers from suppliers with invoices below a certain threshold. This service enhances supplier management and optimizes supply chain operations.
How does HOP's Aggregation Service benefit both buyers and suppliers?
The aggregation Service simplifies purchasing procedures for buyers and offers prompt payments to suppliers, enhancing their cash flow and financial stability.
What is the threshold for invoices that qualify for the Aggregation Service?
The Aggregation Service applies to invoices from suppliers with an annual turnover below USD $100,000-500,000.
How does the HOP Group Purchasing Organization (HOP_GPO) work?
HOP_GPO offers collective buying power to specific sectors, enabling businesses within those industries to benefit from competitive pricing and reliable product availability through negotiated contracts with suppliers.
How can I access HOP's services?
You can reach out to HOP by contacting us on 0709 491 600, send us an email; info@houseofprocurement.com or you can visit us on 2 nd Floor, Karen-green, Lang’ata Road.
How can I register as a buyer or supplier at HOP?
Reach out to us through our contact information [Phone Number: 0709 491 600] or [Email Address: info@houseofprocurement.com].
Who does Tender PLUS primarily support within its diverse and inclusive business ecosystem?
Tender PLUS primarily supports MSME suppliers, AGPO qualified companies, women-owned businesses, youth-led enterprises, and refugee-led enterprises by assisting them in fulfilling contract obligations with governmental and private organizations, ensuring equal opportunities for all
How does House of Procurement collaborate with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in its range of services?
We play a pivotal role in forging partnerships between pioneering Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and its expansive network of international suppliers and renowned brands. Through strategic orchestration, we empower OEMs to amplify their sales, broaden their global footprint, fortify receivables, and unlock unparalleled market access